Release date: Tue, 29th, Mar. 2016

Healthy workers are three times more productive than unhealthy workers which shows how supporting healthy workplaces is not only a health issue, but a business one.

The Healthy Together Achievement Program is based on the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces Model. The framework gives businesses a place to start or build on what they are already doing to be a healthy workplace and focuses on 5 priority areas that may impact on employee health – physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, smoking and alcohol.

"The feedback from businesses who are rolling out this program have found the tools and templates really helpful and that is more than just a tick-a-box program. Instead it truly embeds health and wellbeing into the culture at work," CEO Robyn Reeves said.

Other benefits of being healthier include feeling happier and more energetic and from a business perspective more productivity and higher staff retention rates.

"We know that sick leave costs employers on average $2,861 per employee per year, so if businesses invest in healthy workplace improvement programs that really deliver long term outcomes for their staff, they will without a doubt be saving substantial amounts of money. Also, simple inexpensive strategies such as joining the Active April Workplace challenge doesn’t require a financial investment but can foster a healthy culture and help build workplace morale," Reeves said.

To find out more about the Achievement Program visit or contact Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500. Further information on the Active April challenge can be found on