Release date: Thu, 18th, Feb. 2016

The inaugural National Family Drug Support Day will be held on Wednesday 24th February 2016.
Drugs affect all members of the community but it is the families and drug users themselves who bear the brunt of the problems.
Ballarat Community Health (BCH) CEO Robyn Reeves said that she hopes this day will aid in changing some of the negative attitudes that exist and hope it will encourage affected families to reach out for support.
“We need to start dealing with drug use with empathy and understanding. The goal is to rethink the way in which the vulnerable are assisted. We should be looking at it like we do the mental health and disability sectors,” Reeves said.
“The negative effects of drug use affect families because they feel ashamed and alone. We need to support them and by giving them a chance to get things off their chest, help make them feel included and not discriminated against.”
Ballarat Community Health Alcohol and other Drug counsellors can provide information, support and advice for affected families and the “We are not Alone” (WANA) Peer Support Group meets twice a month.
To make an appointment with a counsellor or for more information about services BCH offer families and drug users visit or phone 5338 4500.