A pot of courage

Your donation will go towards providing food for refugee and immigrant women in Ballarat to participate in and lead various community cooking classes, focusing on traditional cultural meals.

A great number of immigrants and refugees to Australia can find themselves isolated and lonely upon arrival to our shores. Moving countries is, in general, a great upheaval and culture shock, but add to that the potential layer of coming from a war-torn or politically unstable country… Enter A Pot of Courage! Founded in Ballarat, A Pot of Courage is a group of local immigrant and refugee women who gather together to cook, share stories and embrace each other’s wonderfully diverse cultures.

A Pot of Courage provides friendship, activity and even employment to a lot of these women who otherwise would struggle with social isolation. Your donation will contribute toward running the A Pot of Courage café, as well as materials for various cooking classes and demonstrations that the group do throughout the year.

The positive effect A Pot of Courage has had on the lives of these women is incalculable, and your donation will help to make that positive effect in even more lives. Thank you for your generosity!

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