Why become a member?

Becoming a member is a way in which you can show your support for the important work of Ballarat Community Health.  It is through strong membership and engagement of members that Ballarat Community Health can better understand and cater for the needs of the community.

BCH has two membership levels:

  • Voting Members - have the right to receive notices of and to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting so long as the annual $10 fee payment is up to date and they are over the age of 18.  (Also known as Financial Member)
  • Associate Members -  have the right to receive notices of and to attend the Annual General Meeting. Associate membership is free and open to any applicant over the age of 18.

As a continuing member of the organisation:

  • You will be kept informed of activities through the Annual General Meeting and Annual Report.
  • We would welcome your involvement in our service evaluation and program development if you would like to participate in these processes from time to time.
  • You will be notified of new services, events and functions that may be held for BCH throughout the year.
  • Voting Members will be able to participate in the election process for the appointment of the BCH Board of Directors.
  • You may wish to offer your services or expertise to the Board of Directors or work as a volunteer in one of our many support groups or programs.
  • Any donations made to BCH are fully tax-deductible and assist us to expand our work with youth and people at risk.

How can you become a member?

If you would like to become a member you can: