BCH is undertaking a project to document the diverse history from the beginnings of Sebastopol discussions to create a community health service to the present time of service delivery and community participation. We need volunteer participants who would like to contribute their knowledge and experiences with community health in the Ballarat region over the past 40 years.

Release date: 10/12/2015

You are invited to participate in a voluntary interview with Professor Keir Reeves and Leanne Howard of the Faculty of Arts and Education, Federation University Australia for the purpose of informing the Ballarat Community Health History Project. This study is funded by Ballarat Community Health with the aim of researching the history and heritage of Ballarat Community Health, and the results of the study will be published as a book.

Oral history will form a key component of the BCH history and it is important to gather histories and narratives of the organisation since its beginnings in the 1970’s. The aim of the oral histories is to get a sense of the organisation in the different decades up to and including the present day.

Participation in this face to face interview process involves responding to a couple of semi-structured questions which will take between 45-60 minutes and will be tape recorded with your permission. Participants must be over 20 years of age. The interviews will take place during lunch breaks or any time at your convenience within three weeks from the date of receiving this invitation.


If you are interested in participating, please contact the Professor Reeves via k.reeves@federation.edu.au or 5327 9699 or Leanne Howard on 0456 951 022.

Full Invitation can be found here