Release date: 01/02/2019

Feel Good Feb is the chance for all community members to lift the positive vibe of our world by promoting good deeds and random acts of kindness!

Take the Feel Good Feb challenge. Do something kind every day this month (CLICK HERE for ideas on Random Acts of Kindness you can initiate for FREE!). Feel Good Feb is your chance to create more positivity in your life and promote kindness in the world. Smile at a stranger, help someone in need, it is the little things that count.

One random act of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face. No matter how big or how small your act is, you will be helping make someone’s day that much better.

Then in turn, maybe they will do a kind deed for someone else.  Kindness will flow organically, creating a ripple effect of happiness. Let’s counteract the negative by being proactively positive!

Visit for more information and ideas on how to create kindness this February!