In developing this strategic plan the Board has been acutely aware that any plan is part of a continuing body of work, and needs to provide guidance and direction, while remaining general enough to encourage and support an agile, responsive and engaged approach to meeting community needs. 
We desire to build on the strengths of the organisation, in particular its staff, and its underlying principles, as we embrace the challenges, opportunities and new directions which come our way. As a community health service we understand and promote the importance of an empowered community and clients, and our role in developing the opportunities and skills needed to make self-determination and self-management of health and wellbeing a realistic and achievable goal. We work in prevention and health promotion while we deliver direct services and programs.
If we are to be able to achieve our vision, for communities currently facing significant health challenges, we must strive to build and continue to develop a strong, robust organisation which is sustainable, relevant, influential and able to display thought leadership while being a respected and trusted partner. 
Innovation, realistic optimism, courage and openness to change and challenge will be key features of our work, which will encompass advocacy for our communities, holistic and client-centred work with individuals designed to get positive health outcomes, and a social enterprise approach designed to support the organisation in addressing community needs.

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