Q fever testing and vaccination is available now at Wendouree!

Who is at risk of Q fever?

People at increased risk of Q fever infection include:

  • Anyone exposed to cattle, camels, sheep, goats and kangaroos (or their products)
  • Farmers (even hobby farmers!)
  • Abattoir workers
  • Stockyard workers
  • Shearers
  • Livestock transporters
  • Tanning and hide workers
  • Veterinarians, their staff and students
  • Professional dog and cat breeders and handlers
  • Wildlife and zoo workers
  • Laboratory personnel handling veterinary specimens
  • Visitors to the above categories

Q Fever can be prevented by an effective vaccination.

How do we test patients and vaccinate them?

Q fever testing and vaccination requires two, 30 minute appointments, 7 days apart, with Dr Lakmal De Silva at BCH Wendouree.

At the first appointment there will be:

  • a detailed history and clinical assessment to exclude a possible past infection with Q fever
  • a blood sample
  • a skin sensitivity test

At the second appointment:

  • the skin test and blood test results will be interpreted and vaccination prescription provided if appropriate
  • if appropriate, you’ll be given a script to collect the vaccine from the chemist as the clinic is not storing vaccines at this time

To book an appointment or for further information, please call 5338 4500.

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