Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an eight-week program that helps people who have experienced a cardiac event or those who are living with a heart condition.

The program involves supervised exercise classes and education sessions to enable an active and healthy life. It also helps reduce further heart events and enables interaction with others who have experienced similar heart events.

The program includes an initial assessment completed by an exercise physiologist and a nurse, six weeks of group exercise and education sessions and a follow-up session at the end of the program. Family members are encouraged to attend with you.

What does the program offer?

• expert advice on many aspects of heart disease, support & encouragement
• a graded exercise program with an exercise physiologist
• a space to share doubts & ask questions
• a relaxed and friendly setting for you & your family to learn and share.

Are you eligible?

• you are 65 years of age or more
• you have experienced:
• a heart attack
• heart stents
• heart bypass surgery
• angina
• surgery or treatment on the valves of the heart
• controlled heart rhythms such as Atrial Fibrillation
• placement of a pacemaker
• controlled heart failure conditions
• you have attended a similar program previously but still require ongoing exercise & education.

How can the program help me?

• better understand your heart condition
• learn about your medications
• understand your risk factors & how to manage them
• create a healthier lifestyle
• return to normal activities
• figure out what to do in an emergency.

How can I access the program?

You will need a referral via My Aged Care.
Talk to your GP, cardiologist. or other health professional about referrals.

There is a small weekly cost for this program that will be discussed with you upon referral.

The program runs at Ballarat Community Health Lucas on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call Jodilee or Jarrod – (03) 5338 4500 – for more information.

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