Living with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes can be overwhelming, but OzDAFNE—Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating—will help you to get up and running again, and living a full life.

This program was conceived in Europe, where it has been used to great effect for over 20 years. OzDAFNE research has shown that DAFNE can improve a person’s quality of life and reduce stress due to diabetes.

The program will:

  1. help you lead a normal life, and
  2. teach you how to eat what you like, when you like.

It focuses on teaching you how to manage your type 1 diabetes by covering the following topics:

  • carbohydrate estimation
  • blood sugar (glucose) testing
  • changing your insulin dose to suit the food you are eating
  • hypos (hypoglycaemia)
  • what to do when you are sick, and
  • exercise and your insulin.

Those who attend OzDAFNE will gain practical skills in counting carbohydrates and matching insulin doses to the foods they eat. They will also learn how to adjust their long acting (basal) insulin, how to adjust for exercise and high blood glucose levels, how to manage sick days, hypos, eating out, alcohol and other areas relevant to type 1 diabetes. OzDAFNE research has shown that this program can improve a person’s quality of life and stress due to diabetes. Benefits may include less severe hypos, improved HbA1c, less diabetes related distress and less hospital admissions.

Program details

Two OzDAFNE programs are run each year. Each is five days long, running Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. Your course will be run by a OzDAFNE-trained diabetes educator and dietitian. You are able to refer yourself, but will require approval to participate from your doctor or specialist endocrinologist. You will need to be assessed by the group leader before you can join the group.

Course fee is $100 or $50.00 concession. Give us a call on (03) 5338 4500 to speak to a customer service officer today. Alternatively, make an enquiry via the customer service menu to the right of your screen.

If you need some more assistance or information about your diabetes, below are our other diabetes-specific services and programs. We’re here for you, so get in touch!

  • Diabetes education provides support via appointments with our diabetes educators, both individual and in group settings.
  • Diabetes Getting Started program will help newly-diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes to get on their feet.
  • Carbohydrate Counting for people with type 2 diabetes especially suitable for those at risk of low blood glucose.
  • OzDAFNE is a comprehensive education and support program for adults with type 1 diabetes to learn how to self-manage their condition, including self-adjustment of insulin.
  • Life! program is a health and lifestyle program for those with pre-diabetes, or at risk from type 2 diabetes.
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