BCH Role

Ballarat Community Health is working with our partners in general practice, pharmacy and AOD treatment services to increase the prescribing of naloxone.  Anyone using any kind of opioids is potentially at risk of overdose, especially pain management, drug dependent and pharmacotherapy patients.


Key Messages

  • Naloxone is a medication that reverses the effects of opioids in the body.  It is non-addictive and safe, and currently available by prescription in a prefilled syringe similar to an Epi-pen
  • 1,000s of lives are saved and brain injuries avoided each year in Australia by paramedics administering naloxone on patients who have suffered opioid overdose
  • Ambulance and coroner data show  that overdose from both legal and illegal drugs is a significant concern in rural and regional Victoria, and opioid drugs play an increasing role
  • Several Ballarat Community Health staff are trained and accredited by the Penington Institute to provide ‘overdose educator’ training to clients and support people on how to respond to overdose, including administering naloxone.


Ballarat Community Health provides direct service to clients in this area. For more information contact:

  • Jacqueline Keevins, Manager – Pharmacotherapy Network, on 5338 0511
  • Bee Brown, Mobile Drug Safety Worker, on 5338 4548.