Ballarat Community Health offers quality and affordable counselling for individuals, couples and families.  Counselling is available to address a range of issues across a person’s lifespan.  Our counsellors are professionally qualified and highly skilled and bring a depth of knowledge and experience to their work.

Why seek Counselling?
Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk with someone who can assist and support you with problems you may be experiencing in your life. These problems may include:

  • relationships
  • grief  & loss
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • family violence
  • anger
  • abuse
  • stress
  • low self esteem

Counselling is a safe place to talk about difficult and sometimes painful feelings, and offers assistance in learning skills to enhance your health and well being. It may focus on:

  • practical problem solving
  • coping skills
  • managing stress
  • emotional support
  • self-understanding
  • relaxation techniques


In addition to general counselling we provide counselling for those whose lives are impacted by family violence

What is family violence?

Family violence is the repeated use of violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour by an individual against a family member or someone with whom they have, or have had, an intimate relationship.

Family, or domestic violence, may include putting someone down, financial control, controlling or monitoring who is seen socially, being afraid to disagree, as well as physical and sexual assault.  If you feel that this is affecting your life, you may wish to speak with someone who understands and can help you to make sense of it all. The abuse you experience in your relationship is not your fault.

Who may seek assistance?

BCH receives funding specifically for women and young people; this counselling is provided free.  Men experiencing family violence are assisted through our generalist counselling service. )

Counselling for new arrivals and refugees

New arrivals and refugees at times struggle with all the changes and uncertainty in their lives and counselling can provide a space to explore these issues.

Our counsellors are also trained in working with people who have experienced torture or trauma.

This counselling is provided free.

Branching Out

Branching Out is nine week group which aims to assist you to develop greater self-confidence, to re-discover what is important to you and to make meaningful changes in your life.

Branching Out Self-Esteem Group

A group to help you build your self-esteem.

Family Violence Counselling

Individual and shared counselling is a way to talk about your situation.  It offers assistance in learning skills to enhance your autonomy, health and wellbeing.

Free Relaxation Classes

Relaxation skills can help you de-stress both your mind and your body; can assist with reducing anxiety, managing chronic pain, improve sleep and contribute to your overall well-being.

Trauma & Torture Counselling

This specialist counselling program is available to refugees and asylum seekers at any time following arrival in Australia. It aims to help survivors find a way forward as they strive to live with...