The role of a Support Coordinator is to connect participants with an NDIS plan to supports and services in the community. Our role as Coordination of Supports is to compliment your life and help put your NDIS plan into action.


A Support Coordinator will assist you to:


Understand how you can use your NDIS plan to meet your goals.
Manage those resources effectively to get the best outcome from your plan.
Work with other people in your circle of support (family, friends, service providers, therapists and community and mainstream supports such as doctors)
Monitor the progress and outcomes of achieving your goals.
Assisting you to prepare for your next NDIS review meeting.


Support coordination has four stages


Engagement - meeting with you (and your circle of supports) to compile a picture of your life. During this meeting, a Service Agreement will be developed that outlines how we may work together. If you decide you want us as your chosen service provider for the coordination of supports, you will need to sign the Service Agreement.


Planning – Your support coordinator will then meet with you to talk about how to meet your NDIS goals and to understand your funded support categories, and to from a unique, tailored capacity building approach to achieve the goals in your NDIS plan meeting that reflects your specific needs, desires and aspirations.


Implementation – Your support coordinator will meet with you to assist you to navigate the NDIS through connecting and coordinating informal, mainstream and funded supports found in the service delivery environment. We will support you to make your NDIS planed goals happen.


Monitoring – Once supports and services are established, we will continue to work with you to monitor your goals, needs and aspirations. We do this by keeping records about how your goals are being achieved and we will also note any changes you may wish to apply to your next NDIS plan (which typically happens once a year).



We can meet with you in your home or at any of our sites

12 Lilburne Street Lucas
260 Vickers street Sebastopol
10 Learmonth Rd Cooinda
The Well at Smythesdale


 For more information phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500 and ask for support coordination services or email

Program Information

When and where is it held?

  • Wednesday, 13 February 2019 - 4:30pm