Ballarat Community Health provides a range of refugee and settlement services including:

  • Paediatric Immigrant Health Clinic

  • Refugee Health Nurse

  • Settlement Workers

Further resources can be optained at Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health

Immigrant and Refugee Settlement Services

Assistance for newly arrived immigrants and humanitarian entrants for up to 5 years settling in Australia. The focus is on building clients’ confidence and ability to participate economically and...

Paediatric Immigrant Health Clinic

The clinic is available monthly for immigrant children. Specialist care for adult and child immigrants who are Vitamin D deficient is also provided at the clinic.

Refugee Health Nurse

The refugee health nurse co-ordinates access to health care for newly arrived refugee .and assists them to work towards independence. The program also provides ongoing health care and support to...

Safer pathways for refugee and immigrant women experiencing family violence

Funded by the Department of Social Services, the Safer Pathways project provides access to culturally appropriate support to refugee and immigrant women who are experiencing or are at risk of ...

Trauma & Torture Counselling

This specialist counselling program is available to refugees and asylum seekers at any time following arrival in Australia. It aims to help survivors find a way forward as they strive to live with...