IHSHY - Innovative Health Services for Homeless Youth.

IHSHY works to address the health of homeless and at risk young people. This includes mental health, general health and dental health needs.

This is achieved by sharing information and collaborating with networks and services in the Ballarat community, to deliver services that best meet the current needs of homeless and at risk young people.

The goal is to establish better linkages, information exchange, mutual understanding and co-operative working relationships between young people and community services within the service sector.

IHSHY is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of young people and raising community awareness of homelessness and supporting at risk young people.



Current IHSHY initiatives:


Missed Immunisations and vaccinations for young people information sheet

Many young people have missed out on the immunisations that are available free to adolescents throughout their Secondary School years through the National Immunisation Program. This may be due to disengagement, changing schools, absences, illness or not being enrolled in a Secondary School. All young people under 20 years of age can access a catch-up schedule by a vaccination provider. CLICK HERE for more information.



Homelessness Program for Primary Schools 

This package has been developed for the Ballarat Youth Homelessness Network to deliver in primary schools as part of raising awareness about homelessness in the Ballarat community.

A Youth Housing Worker is to deliver this program. The aim is to prepare students to address important societal issues by providing them with basic and empathetic information about homelessness.

The lesson will help students identify ways in which they can help individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness. It will also prepare students to become caring, informed, and proactive citizens.

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IHSHY works to address the broad health needs of homeless young people.

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