Release date: Tue, 20th, Sep. 2016

Ballarat promotes the importance of staying healthy as you age

Older people who are socially engaged are happier and healthier than those who are socially isolated. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – older people without social connectedness can experience loneliness, and without intervention, may suffer from depression and poor health.
The Healthy Ageing Expo in Ballarat will showcase services and opportunities for older people that support and encourage participation and enhanced well-being.
“The importance of providing services and support that encourages resilience and staying connected are vital for people as they get older,” Ballarat Community Health CEO Robyn Reeves said.
“Older people often face difficulties accessing quality health services. The Healthy Ageing Expo is a fantastic initiative to raise awareness amongst older people of services that are available to them in order to maintain good health and live a full life,” Reeves said.
BCH are passionate about aged care and committed to providing services that are specifically developed to meet the needs and interests of seniors in our region. . BCH shares this passion with Expo partners Uniting Care Ballarat, Central Highlands Primary Care Partnership the BDNH Group, Western Victoria PHN and the City of Ballarat. .
BCH works to address reasons why some older people aren’t able to get active or maintain good health, such as time, cost and inflexible opportunities for physical activity.

For more details on the healthy ageing event visit-
Healthy Ageing Expo
Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre
Wednesday 5 October 2016

The event is a free event open to all.
Refreshments and entertainment provided.