Release date: Thu, 26th, Nov. 2015

Ballarat Community Health is helping to reduce the transmission of HIV with a 28 day course of medication.

PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) is taken after an at risk encounter to reduce the chance of HIV being acquired. It can reduce HIV transmission by around 81%.
“We also offer HIV point of care testing which will maximise the chance of early diagnosis and help reduce the transmission of the virus to others,” Ballarat Community Health CEO Robyn Reeves said today.
HIV is now a chronic condition where the majority of people diagnosed today can expect to live a near normal lifespan. With regular monitoring and lifelong medication the complications of the infection can be minimised and managed.
World Aids Day is on December 1st each year and Victoria continues to strive towards to the goal of getting to zero: zero new infections, zero AIDS related deaths, and zero discrimination by 2020.
“At the BCH sexual health clinic our aim is to maximise good sexual health in an environment of professionalism and acceptance.”
“We provide full STI screening. This includes HIV testing”, Clinic Co-ordinator Kristen Kelly said.
The PEP medication is available at BCH on weekdays and Ballarat Base Emergency Department on weekends.
For more information on the BCH sexual health clinic visit our website here.