Release date: Thu, 23rd, Mar. 2017

A new campaign being launched will highlight the importance of youth sexual health and promote access to services in the Central Highlands.
#YOLOLiveWell was developed by young people for young people and aims to develop policy and provide up to date education that will engage young people to be proactive with their sexual health.
Central Highlands has high STI rates and a higher than average pregnancy rate amongst adolescents providing the need for an awareness raising campaign to encourage youth to seek out services they are comfortable with to stay healthy and well and in control of their sexual health.
The #YOLOLiveWell campaign is being used by community organisations to educate youth about safe behaviours associated with drugs, sexual health and family violence. The campaign comprises resources such as posters and social media content that can be used by schools and sporting clubs to promote sexual health checks, respectful relationships and safe alcohol and other drug use.
The #YOLOLiveWell campaign will launch in the Central Highlands with an event for young people and coincide with National Youth Week (31 March to 9 April).
“Just as the name of the campaign implies, #YOLOLiveWell is about reminding people that we only live once so why not make it a healthy one. We want to engage young people and encourage them to be proactive with their general and sexual health,” Chief Executive Officer Robyn Reeves said.
“Adolescents can come in to Ballarat Community Health, see a sexual health nurse, get some free condoms and talk through other important aspects of their wellbeing and all appointments are completely confidential,” Reeves said.
#YOLOLiveWell is the lead brand and underpinning philosophy of the Preventative Health and Community Development program delivered at Nexus Primary Health. This campaign is just one tool that complements their broader coordinated community response of policy development and interactive education with community groups and settings.
#YOLOLiveWell Launch
Friday April 7 2017
Ballarat Skate Park, Main Rd, Ballarat East
Free BBQ Lunch