Announcing our art competition winners!

This year’s Mental Health Week art competition was chock-full of amazing artwork, created by local artists with a lived mental health experience—and we’re so excited to announce the competition winners!

You can still view the whole exhibition here. Thank you to everybody who submitted their art and their stories. Every shared experience of mental health—of the wins and the struggles associated with having mental illness—has the potential to help somebody else struggling with the same thing. The more we talk about mental health and create beautiful things that help us to understand it better, the more we learn!


First Place: “Shannon” by Holly Would

My work is a direct reflection of my life’s experiences. These works in particular are an artistic response to traumatic events throughout my life. One of them being the death of my brother by suicide.


Second Place: “Finding My Way Through” by Claire Clifton

This is what navigating through the mental health journey feel like. Lighter days, darker days, days when my heart bleeds but they are all part of the same picture


Third Place: “Selfie” by David Holdaway

Sometimes I feel like I have a painting inside me that needs to come out.  This is a self portrait which many say captures a real likeness of me.

Encouragement Awards:

“Homework” by Kayden Mott

I’ve been struggling to find an art style I’m proud of. So for this piece, I thought about what my younger self might like. I’m sure they’d be stoked to realise their future self doesn’t avoid drawing backgrounds anymore.


“The Seasons of Life” by Carol Saunders

Life reflects nature. Just because some days seem bleak and grey, doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine through tomorrow. And if we plant a seed of an idea and put it in our pocket and nurture it, it will blossom into a beautiful flower or a delicious piece of fruit. Sometimes we have to take time to rest and heal in order to feel the warmth of the sun, feel the gentle breeze and see the beautiful things around us again.


“Tangled Mess” by Kurt Sternberg

(No artist statement)


People’s Choice Award:

We have a draw!

“Bugget” Julian Walsh

My work is an insight into my madness.  Sometimes when I draw it feels like something else takes over.

“Untitled” Margaret O’Brien

(No artist statement)

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