Arms & Armour: Calling all men

Arms & Armour is back and ready to create change amongst young men.

headspace has joined forces again with supporters Musket and Bayonet, Sean Weir fitness and Zambrero Restaurant to deliver a safe space for men to make positive change in their community and themselves.

Running every Wednesday from 8-9pm, the program will see young men come together, have dinner and a haircut and discuss different topics each week.

Topics include:

1. What makes a man

2. Supporting others

3. Looking after you

4. Who you look up to

5. Handing over the reins

6. Uniting and celebrating

Program coordinator, Andy Penny said “Arms & Armour is back for the third year and we are so excited. We have seen the changes last year’s men made and can’t wait to see a new group come together to share and learn from one another and forge a new path. It is going to be great!”

1 in 4 young people between the ages of 16-25 experience mental health concerns. Social isolation is a leading cause of anxiety and depression in young men. Disconnection from friends, family and the community is a major risk factor for increased mental illness. Arms & Armour is a six week program providing a social hub for men aged between 18 and 25 years old.

headspace is now taking applications from young men interested in getting involved in Arms & Armour. Applications can be made online or by calling Headspace on 03 5304 4777.

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