Grampians AOD Catchment Plan 2015-2016

The Grampians region, connected by the ribbon of western highway that runs through nearly all the local government areas within its borders, occupies a large swathe of Victoria.

People potentially at risk in relation to alcohol and other drugs are clearly evident in the region. Our population includes recently arrived refugees, families having a child with a disability, families experiencing financial hardship, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, people with mental health problems and/or a history of family violence, people experiencing situational stress, forensic issues, chronic health conditions and those who have a parental history of abuse and neglect.

This plan primarily covers the period 2015-2016, the first year of a three year planning process. Catchment wide thinking and catchment wide activity are new aspirations and a new experience for many AOD workers. In order to meet the needs of clients throughout the region, organisations must find new ways of working effectively together.

In year one, catchment planning will focus on creating opportunities for integrated and collaborative work to be facilitated and supported across the region. Interconnectivity is especially important when dealing with complex clients, including those who have a dual diagnosis. This approach will create a professional structure and build capacity in a workforce that is responding to significant change. If successful, the new structures will be a strong foundation to increase client engagement and focus on client needs and service system gaps in the following years.

To the right is the Grampians AOD Catchment Plan for 2015-2016, which is available for download in two parts.


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