ReNews – June

This is my first edition of ReNews since I took over the CEO position in December. Like my predecessor Robyn Reeves, I am a passionate advocate for research and evaluation. As our region faces increasingly complex health and wellbeing issues, local research is vital to build understanding and find sustainable solutions. I therefore look forward to building on Robyn’s good work in this area.

Regular readers will notice the addition of ‘Innovation’ to our newsletter’s focus. This small change will enable us to showcase new and creative responses to improve health, including the collaboration with Monash University to introduce Healthy Choices at a major Ballarat sports facility.

Many BCH programs are evaluated internally, however we are increasingly also engaging with external evaluators to ascertain and strengthen the impact of our programs and services. In this edition you will find a discussion of an external evaluation of the MAC program for people who are recovering from drug and alcohol issues. Also included is an introduction to Results Based Accountability which has recently been adopted by BCH; providing an exciting opportunity to strengthen evidence around the organisation’s impact and outcomes.

And of course our Methodology focus returns, this time showcasing Action Research which is being used across a number of BCH projects, including the Elder Abuse Prevention project. I hope you will enjoy reading this issue which highlights BCH’s strong focus on research, evaluation, innovation and university collaborations.

Sean Duffy


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