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Step Thru Care agencies will guide you toward the support that is best suited to your needs – no matter where you live.

Step Thru Care is available to support people with a range of mental health concerns and/or alcohol and other drugs support needs. If you need both mental health and alcohol & other drugs services, you can receive these supports from the same clinician, reducing the need to retell your story.

Step Thru Care is a service that delivers support across the Goldfield’s region with the following service providers:

Ballarat Community Health           Maryborough & District Health Services              Central Highlands Rural Health

Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drug challenges are impacting people right across the Ballarat region, often simultaneously. We’re providing holistic services that consider the varied needs of every individual. Step Thru Care partner agencies are working to promote health and wellbeing and provide quality and affordable healthcare to our community.

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