Adaptive Bikes Program

Cycling is a fantastic way for us to keep healthy, explore the beautiful outdoors and have fun with our friends and family. Thankfully, advances in technology now enable us to adapt the way in which we ride, making it accessible to almost all abilities!  

What is the BCH Adaptive Cycling Program? 
The BCH Adaptive Cycling Program helps people of all abilities to enjoy cycling.
This program provides a unique opportunity for Ballarat locals to explore adaptive bikes, trikes and accessories – and to receive professional support along the way!

What is an adaptive bike?
Adaptive bikes are alternative bike models, that are modified to suit the needs of the individual. Some examples include:  

  • Handcycles  
  • Recumbents 
  • Trikes  
  • Electric assisted.  

See the Melrose and Trisled websites to find out more about the bikes available.

Who is the program for?
The bikes and this program cater to individuals who have limited or no capacity to ride a two-wheeled bike.  

BCH Service:
Our team of Exercise Physiologists will help you find the most suitable wheels for your needs. They’ll do a full assessment, coordinate the equipment trials and, where appropriate, provide a detailed report for funding applications.  


Want to give it a go? Join us at our Come & Try day – details below!

Man riding adaptive bike in parkland

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the flyer

Come & Try day

To learn more about these special bikes and find out the best options for you and your family, Ballarat Community Health are hosting a Come & Try day in October!
Some of Australia’s favourite adaptive bike providers will be available to offer their time, expertise and equipment for you to take for a spin.

When: Wednesday 5th October, 2022

Where: Lucas Central Park

Who (providers): Melrose, Trisled 

How: Fill out the enquiry form below and our clinicians will give you a call to answer any questions/take your details.

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