Achievement program

The Achievement Program is a comprehensive framework designed to help create healthy places where we work, learn and play. The program provides resources, tools and guidelines that include a whole-school/whole-service approach – from educators, staff, students, children and families, to the wider neighbourhood and organisations

Why take part

Healthy kids learn better

We know that healthy kids do better in numeracy, literacy and all areas of learning and development. This program will help you develop your education environment to help kids be healthy.

Align with VEYLDF, NQS and FISO

You can integrate our health and wellbeing strategies into your Quality Improvement Plans or strategic and annual implementation plans.

Create community partnerships

Connect with community health professionals and other schools and early childhood services to share ideas, experiences and resources.

Be recognised

Bring all the great health and wellbeing work you’re already doing together, and be recognised by the Victorian Government as a healthy school or service.

What’s involved

The Achievement Program consists of a framework, a set of health priority areas and detailed benchmarks and measurements to ensure you are hitting goals as you move through the process.

Our program is designed to fit within the improvement cycles you already use, like the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes or the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.


Build your team, assess your needs and ensure support from senior management.

Choose a health priority area to work on and develop a plan.


Work towards each benchmark in your health priority area using our step-by-step guidelines, tools and templates.

Link with local health professionals, organisations and programs to access additional support.

Recognition and review

Apply for your completed health priority area to be recognised by the Victorian Government.

You will receive a certificate, an outdoor sign and digital icons to promote your achievements.

Build review processes into your achievements so you can keep up the healthy good work even after you’ve achieved initial recognition.

Start the process again with the next health priority area until you’ve worked through them all.

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