Speech pathology

Speech pathologists at Ballarat Community Health work closely with parents and carers to help support a child’s growth and development in all areas of communication and eating/feeding.

We also provide a paediatric speech pathology service for clients between the ages of 18 months and 18 years who present with a range of communication and eating/feeding difficulties.

Speech pathologists are able to assess and treat the following areas:

  • Speech – the production of speech sounds or how a child can be understood by others in conversation.
  • Language – the understanding of concepts, following directions, listening, telling stories, using words to communicate needs and wants.
  • Pragmatic language skills – the use of communication skills in social situations.
  • Fluency – otherwise known as stuttering or dysfluency.
  • Eating/feeding skills – children who present as picky eaters or problem feeders.

Speech pathology services are offered at the Ballarat Community Health Lucas site.

More information on this service can be found via these interesting sites:

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