Cooinda Mental Health Programs

Has your mental health been impacted by COVID-19? Would you like to develop some skills to help your mental health? Would you like to connect with like-minded people? Are there life-skills you would like to learn?

Come and join a range of group sessions designed and delivered by mental health clinicians and peer workers to increase knowledge and skills for overall health and wellbeing.

WHEN:  Sessions are held on weekdays throughout the month. For term 3 2022 timetable, please click the HERE or the view timetable button.


WHERE: Ideally, these sessions will be run face-to-face at our Health and Wellbeing Hub at Cooinda – 10 Learmonth Rd, Wendouree. In the case of restrictions being in place, Zoom links may be sent to all participants.

WHO: All welcome

HOW TO BOOK: Bookings are required. Please click the link and fill out form to register.

For more information please call Tanika on 0491 093 965 or email [email protected]

What programs are on offer?

Safety Planning

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Feeling helpless? Experiencing emotional pain and you don’t think you can cope?

Safety planning can be helpful to recognise your coping tools and put them into steps.

Come along and work on an individualised plan for you

  • Recognising warning signs
  • Making surrounding safe
  • Reminders or reasons to live
  • Things that make you feel strong
  • People and places to connect with
  • Family and friends, you can yarn with
  • Reaching out to professional support.

Safety planning will reduce intensity of suicidal thoughts and increase your ability to cope.

For more information on this subject click here.

Coming to our senses

An introductory session to sensory modulation and how we can use our senses to manage uncomfortable and unhelpful emotions.

Distress Less

An introductory session to distress tolerance and how to better manage unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is such an important part of our lives, we need it to function just like air, water, and food.

Yet do you pay attention to it? Or do you pay attention when it has already impacted on your mood, your emotions, your relationships, your employment, or other aspects of your life.

This module will explain:

  • How import is sleep, what the role and function of sleep is.
  • What can impact on our sleep, how can poor sleep affect us day to day?
  • Tips and tricks for a good night sleep

Lifestyle skills

Fun and relaxed space to learn about building and growing our own vegetable garden,

Building garden beds from the ground up, growing vegetables from seeds vs purchasing seedlings, maintaining garden, when to plant & harvest crops, how to use produce, Rotating crops, garden beds, Physical exercise, Vitamin D & improved Mental Health.

Food and Mood

In this session we will look at:

  • How food/nutrition impacts mood (the types of food that research demonstrates have a positive effect on our mood as well as how our eating patterns can influence mood and mental health.
  • Practical and affordable changes we can make to our diet to improve our mood and wellbeing.
  • What a dietitian is and how we can help


Take half an hour out of your day to calm your busy mind.

Our relaxation classes are designed to help you relax your body and mind.

You will be guided to calm your nervous system and supported to slow down.

These classes are offered in a safe and comfortable setting.

Budgeting and Finance

Come along and learn some ideas to make your money go further.

What we will be covering:

  • How to budget (including a few different types, as not all budget types suit everyone)
  • Tips for making your money go further
  • What discounts are available and what you might be missing out on
  • Services in Ballarat that can help with managing your money or help you out when you find yourself in a tough spot

Goal setting

Do you want to learn how to make SMART goals?







This is a gentle introduction to yoga practice and its benefits to both body and mind. The class is designed to be trauma-sensitive, with an emphasis on safety and participation.

Please bring:

– your own yoga mat if you have one, a mat can be provided if you don’t

– a pillow or cushion

– wear loose comfortable clothing.

This is an all-gender group. Please contact us if any queries or concerns.


Learn to express yourself through creative writing and drawing

Stress Management 

Learn about stress, the body and how to cope


Learn to communicate your needs in a way that’s helpful


Learn skills to help you live in the moment

AOD 101 

AOD 101 group will assist individuals and families across our community understand information about Alcohol and other Drugs, why people use them and the impacts that they can cause.
This course will help with practical strategies and develop deeper understanding of Drug and Alcohol treatment issues and services. It will provide information for self-care and safety for you and your community.

Women’s Health 

All things women’s health

Anxiety management 

Learn about anxiety, the body and how to live with it

What is mental health? 

Learn what mental health is and how to take care of it without the stigma

CCC (Coping, Communication, Compassion)

The Cooinda Mental Health Hub is offering three education sessions designed to provide information, concepts, and strategies to assist people to manage and understand some of the factors that may impact mental health and wellbeing.

Topics covered:

Week 1: Understanding stress and anxiety, stress/anxiety reactions, reactions to change, managing stress, emotional regulation, relaxation/mindfulness exercises

Week 2: Communication and connecting, barriers to connecting, respectful relationships, and fostering happiness.

Week 3: Self-talk, self-compassion, unhelpful thinking patterns, and strategies towards positive thinking.

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