Counselling services

Ballarat Community Health offers quality and affordable counselling for individuals and families dealing with a whole range of issues in their lives.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process of working through difficult issues, emotions, or situations with a trained counsellor in a private and confidential space. Many people find counselling helpful in getting them through difficult times such as Overwhelming relationship issues, school or workplace issues, employment/unemployment issues, loss, or other life changes, unwanted behaviours, overwhelming emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, loneliness, shame, or anger.
Counselling can use talk, play, movement, sound, art, or other mediums to explore issues.
Counselling is not just limited to you and the counsellor. Group counselling can also be helpful in certain situations including friends or family.

Accessing counselling

Our counsellors support people of all ages, life stages, genders, and backgrounds.
Counselling is free or low cost and wait times can vary depending on your situation.
Sessions are usually 50 minutes and typically occur weekly. Sessions can be via phone or at our friendly and accessible sites.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 03 5338 4500 and ask to speak to someone from the counselling team.

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