Hepatitis C Services

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that affects your liver.

Without medicine to treat it, hepatitis C can cause liver disease and liver cancer.

There is now a cure for hepatitis C that works really well.

You can get hepatitis C if your blood comes into contact with infected blood.

Some ways this can happen are:

  • sharing needles, syringes or other injecting equipment, including spoons
  • tattooing or body piercing with unsterile equipment
  • medical procedures with unsterile equipment
  • sharing toothbrushes, razors or nail files.
  • Treatment is available resulting in cure for over 95% of people with chronic hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C at Ballarat Community Health


We offer regular clinics for hepatitis C testing in Ballarat. Please use the form below to find out about upcoming clinics or request a call back from the nurse.

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Our integrated Hepatitis C nurse supports clients with Hepatitis C throughout the Grampians region. Working in conjunction with the liver clinic at Grampians Health Ballarat, the nurse can facilitate access to treatment and all investigations required. Clients can self-refer to the Integrated Hepatitis C Nurse (Hepatitis C | Testing & Treatment (office.com)), or clinicians can call the integrated Hep C nurse on 0459 819 601.


Our integrated hepatitis C nurse shares use of a FibroScan with other health services and is able to offer scans at several times throughout the year. FibroScans can be performed at Ballarat Community Health and at other locations across the Grampians region. GP referral is required, and appointments are available to all new and existing clients. For more information, please contact the Integrated Hep C Nurse on 0459 819 601.

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