Diabetes annual review clinic

If you have diabetes, think: when did you last see a diabetes educator and a dietitian?

As part of a good diabetes care it is important for annual visits. If it has been 12 months or more sinc you have had a diabetes check up, you could benefit from attending the diabetes annual review clinic at Ballarat Community Health.

Booking into the clinic is a convenient opportunity to see a diabetes educator and a dietitian in a single visit, ensuring all your diabetes indicators are consistently monitored.

If you need some more assistance or information about your diabetes, below are our other diabetes-specific services and programs. We’re here for you, so get in touch!

  • Diabetes education provides support via appointments with our diabetes educators, both individual and in group settings.
  • Diabetes Getting Started program will help newly-diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes to get on their feet.
  • Carbohydrate Counting for people with type 2 diabetes especially suitable for those at risk of low blood glucose.
  • OzDAFNE is a comprehensive education and support program for adults with type 1 diabetes to learn how to self-manage their condition, including self-adjustment of insulin.
  • Diabetes support group is a casual and frequent meetup so that Ballarat locals with diabetes can support each other.
  • Life! program is a health and lifestyle program for those with pre-diabetes, or at risk from type 2 diabetes.

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