Diabetes education is about assisting people with diabetes, their families and carers to gain the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to manage their condition. Other health care professionals such as your doctor, dietitians and podiatrists are also important members of the team that provides diabetes care and management. Diabetes Education is recommended at least one to two yearly for all clients with diabetes or pre-diabetes and may be initiated when: 

  • Diagnosis is made
  • Starting blood glucose monitoring at home
  • Introducing diabetes tablets or insulin therapy
  • Having difficulties reaching treatment targets and management goals such as blood glucose, weight or blood pressure
  • Having episodes of abnormal low or high blood glucose levels
  • Having being in hospital for diabetes
  • Planning pregnancy and after delivery
  • Feeling stressed or ‘burnt out’ by diabetes
  • You feel you need a bit of assistance
  • Require the latest diabetes news and information

Holistic care with a multi-disciplinary team approach

Our diabetes nurse educators provide holistic care within a supportive multi-disciplinary team. Ballarat Community Health has a broad range of health professionals within the diabetes team that aim to deliver expert care ensuring all aspects of living with diabetes are supported.  Clients may be referred to a dietitian, podiatrist, counsellor and/or exercise physiologists as required for initial assessment and/or ongoing care.  Regular communication with other health care providers including general practitioners improves effectiveness and efficacy of the service.

The diabetes education service offers a range of options for clients including individual appointments, group programs including ‘Caring for Diabetes’, exercise groups of varying levels and other related educational and supportive activities such as supermarket tours.

Ballarat Type 2 Diabetes Support Group

Ballarat Type 2 Diabetes Support Group is an informal gathering of people who share similar situations, experiences and problems and who can offer one another emotional and/or practical support....

DAFNE - Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating

Managing your type 1 diabetes through education on what foods to eat and when.

Diabetes Annual Review Clinic

Do you have Diabetes? If yes, when did you last see a diabetes educator and a dietitian?

Diabetes Getting Started

Provides information and resources for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Life! Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

A lifestyle modification program that helps you adopt healthy behaviours and a more active lifestyle to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.